What would your dad say if he knew your were posting pictures like this?

I don’t really care, why is my body something I should be ashamed of? You sound a little repressed friend

What's the last thing you and Taylor talked about


uhhh the person who approved the iphone emojis


dr pepper girl eh?

Frick yeah I am

The best is the Dublin DP, I used to drive through Dublin to visit family and I would always get a case it was so great

Today i was really sick so i left school early and i had to cancel my plans for my friend coming over after school.. (´∩`。)

Aw I’m sorry anon, I’m just getting over being sick myself and it sucks, you should get some rest

That's actually pretty cool, I can't do any craft stuff to save my own life.

Well the next time you require craft help lemme know it’s literally my job to help middle age white ladies do stuff they saw on Pinterest so I got you